Amenities You Should Prioritize While Renting an Apartment

Amenities You Should Prioritize While Renting an Apartment

When you start hunting for options in rental apartments, you will probably be surprised by the number you get. Still, everything boils down to choosing the right one based on your requirements. Apart from the location preferences, rent, and size of the apartment, amenities are the factor that really matters. In fact, you can rely on them for separating the wheat from the chaff. Every rental complex offers a range of in-unit and community amenities, which you must absolutely check to decide whether you are getting the best value for the rent. Use them to compare your options and you will be able to shortlist the right one easily. So here is a list of the amenities you should prioritize while renting an apartment.

Full furnishing

For any renter, a furnished unit is surely a plus because you wouldn’t have to buy new furniture pieces or spend on moving them from your old place. Even if you have to pay a little extra for such a rental property, it definitely makes sense. A furnished unit is ideal if you do not plan on staying for long, as in the case of renters moving to a city on a job assignment or for a short-term internship. Do check the quality of furnishing to ensure that it is durable and good-looking.

In-unit appliances

Like furniture and furnishings, in-unit appliances also make a place preferable for renters. Look for the essential ones such as an oven and stove and dishwashers because they are necessary for survival. After all, not cooking at home can elevate your living costs significantly. Moreover, ordering or picking meals every day can be inconvenient as well. Laundry machines add to the convenience factor though you may be able to manage without them.

Heat and air conditioning

Another amenity that you must absolutely look for is heat and air conditioning, particularly if you live in one of the cities with extreme climates. When the temperatures soar outside, you cannot just rely on fans to keep you comfortable. And it is just hard to imagine surviving the bitterly cold weather without heat. At the same time, prioritize an apartment that is energy-efficient. It would be great if you have utilities included too.

Good storage

For any renter, a well-designed place is an obvious plus. However, you need to think beyond aesthetics when it comes to design. The apartment should have optimal storage as well because you wouldn’t want your living space to look cluttered owing to the shortage of enough cabinets and shelves. Take a good look at the kitchen and bathroom; while they should be updated with quality fixtures, plenty of storage is a definite advantage for an occupant. Check the flooring and paint as well because you wouldn’t want to pay for a place that needs repair or rework.


Apart from the in-unit amenities, there are some community amenities that you would expect a rental apartment to have. Parking is vital if you own a car. You wouldn’t want to park your car at an unsafe place and neither would want to pay extra rent for parking it at a garage or a lot. Before you sign the deal, do confirm whether you will get a dedicated parking space for your car. Some complexes offer complimentary bike storage as well, which is a great thing to have.

Rooftop terrace

Now, this is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on if you love spending the evenings outdoors. In case you happen to search and find apartments in foggy bottom with DARO Apartments, you can get wonderful options that offer amazing rooftop space for the renters. You can just go up there after a long day and enjoy the amazing view, fresh air, and a gorgeous sunset. And you may even chat with a like-minded neighbor as well.

On-site maintenance

Nothing is more convenient than having on-site maintenance on the list of amenities for the rental apartment you are considering. You never know when your home appliances may stop working and you need help to restore them. A 24/7 service is a plus because it means that you will get service on demand. Surely, you should include this one on your checklist.


The internet is something that no one can survive without today. Before renting a place, you must make sure that it is internet-ready. While some communities offer internet access as an in-unit amenity, others charge additional fees for it. Whatever the case may be, ensure that it is up and running when you move in. Also, check if the community is served by a reliable internet service provider because you will need to be connected with friends and colleagues all the time.

Controlled access

Security is important, particularly if you live alone and you shouldn’t ignore this factor while renting a place. Apart from looking for a safe neighborhood, you can also check if the complex has controlled access. This gives you peace of mind that the community will not have any unwanted and unauthorized visitors, so safety is never a concern. Whether you plan to go for a walk during late hours or are just apprehensive about being alone in your apartment, there is no need to worry.

On-site laundry

If you do not have laundry in-unit, you will need to do it at the local laundromat. On-site laundry in the community is a great thing to have because it can save you a lot of time and you can go there when you are free. And you even can put some laundry on and go home while a load finishes and then come back again to do another one. That’s a much better alternative than having to wait around at the laundromat till the entire load is done.

As a renter, you deserve real value for your money and the right amenities ensure that you get it. So carry along this checklist and make sure that the apartment you plan to rent has all the in-unit and community amenities listed here. Apart from these, do assess the neighborhood in terms of safety and accessibility because you would want to live comfortably and securely.

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