How To Get Yourself Noticed As An Interior Designer

How To Get Yourself Noticed As An Interior Designer

Interior design has become an extremely lucrative industry that continues to grow worldwide despite the current state of the economy, making this creative career attractive to those who fancy themselves as the next Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. There has never been a greater need to stand out in this competitive world of color charts and curtain prints. So, how do I get noticed?

Use The Internet Effectively

As well as a place to find out pointless facts and watch videos of cats, the internet provides you with free access to potential clients who won’t know you exist until you make them aware of your talents. By devoting time each day to online networking, it is more likely that you will get noticed.

Blog about work that you have done or that you admire, build a website that acts as a portfolio to attract potential clients, advertise yourself on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and follow influential companies to get their attention; in this modern day world, most businesses won’t enjoy any success without an online presence.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of The Business Card

Treat your business card as though it were a project for a client; interior designers are renowned and judged for their eye for design, so handing over a blank, dull piece of card with your name on is not going to excite anybody.

Hand out multiple (impressively-designed) cards to previous clients as well as potential ones, so that if an acquaintance asks them to recommend an interior designer, your card is the first one they reach for.

Get Inspiration Or Be The Inspiration

There’s no harm in drawing inspiration from others for the purposes of improving your own work, provided of course that you don’t directly copy their work!. Go to interior design fairs and shows, prowl the internet for designs or ideas that have strive to be different and view yourself as if you were a potential client. Would you give yourself a second glance?

Find your specialty and build upon it.

If you know that you’d rather be a kitchen designer than a conjuror of designs for offices or living rooms, create potential designs and find suitable clients; it’s much easier to create excellent work when you’re dealing with something you love, and clients will be more likely to come to you if they know what you specialize in.

Creativity can be ironic in that everyone seems to have it. You don’t have to be radical or different to succeed: as long as you love what you do and allow the world to know it and see it, it won’t matter to clients if you are inside or outside ‘the box’.

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