11 Popular Color Themes for Your Home

11 Popular Color Themes for Your Home

A new year is bringing some beautiful new color palettes to your home, including desert-themed oranges and cinnamons and pinkish-red bedrooms. Or, be daring with the 2017 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year: Shadow, a gorgeous, deep shade of purple. The colors we’ll see in homes this year will surely leave you rethinking your current color schemes and dreaming up some new designs.

Tropical Greens

If you love the idea of bringing the tropics to your home, you’re in luck. Shades of green is one of the most popular color palettes for interior design in 2017. But, don’t think pale, subtle greens like you’re used to. This year brings bright, tropical greens to your favorite spaces in your home.

From fabrics to furniture to countertops, you can add some bright greens anywhere you see fit. Or, paint your bedroom a deep green shade with contrasting tan furniture for an outdoorsy, wintered feel.

Black and White

Black and white has long been one of the favored combinations for interior design, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. If you do it right, the monochromatic combination leaves a space feeling chic and sophisticated, rather than drab or boring. The key is to use playful and modern textures and patterns to liven up your space. Think: stripes or dots on walls and floors, or eye-catching tiles as a backsplash.

Desert Hues

Desert-inspired color palettes are ranking high for the new year, especially in kitchens and dining rooms. To create this look, use reddish-oranges, mustard yellows, and beiges, with some pops of bright greens, yellows, reds, and oranges, or deep browns. If you don’t want to go too bold with color, consider one or two comfortable dining chairs with a bright hue or desert-inspired fabric to provide an eye-catching element.

Dusty Blues

Dusty blues are not to be confused with the baby blues of the 80s and 90s. This beautiful, calming color has some pale gray undertones to provide a relaxing, ocean-like vibe to any room. Consider using this color on living room furniture, like hutches and end tables, paired with a pale yellow wall. And, it’s even beautiful on kitchen cabinets with light wood or stone countertops. Dusty blue is one of the most versatile color options to use throughout your home to create a wide range of styles.

Romantic Raspberries

Sure, you want your bedroom to be calming. But, don’t you also want it to be romantic? According to Houzz, an intimate or romantic atmosphere is the 3rd most popular environment for a bedroom, edged out by calming and cozy. Fortunately, a deep raspberry shade can elicit all three of these moods, which could be why it’s becoming wildly popular for bedrooms in 2017.

Deep Purples

There’s a reason why Benjamin Moore chose its deep purple shade, Shadow, to be the 2017 Color of the Year: it’s gorgeous! There truly is nothing like it, and you can create a unique space in your home using it. You just have to be careful about how you use it to avoid creating a Goth-like dungeon.

Use this color as an accent for furniture or fabrics with tan or light gold walls. Or, flip-flop the colors for a bolder approach, using matte gold – or even black – finishes in your room. Deep purples are perfect for bedrooms or a dramatic entryway.

Gray Kitchens

No more all-white kitchens this year. The newest trend is pale grays, which provide some color, yet keep the overall look more subtle than dramatic. Gray cabinets look beautiful paired with rich woods for countertops or bar stools. Or, if you still really love white in the kitchen, opt for bright white countertops and a backsplash with neutral gray cabinets. Add some bright yellows or blues with a few decor items or china sets.

Rich, Dark Tones

Dark, moody themes are edging out some of the previously popular light and airy interior designs. Rich browns, deep blues, and dark greens are no longer considered too dark for any room. So, if you like them, now is the time to experiment! Choose one dark color for the overall theme of the room, and pair it with a few brighter colors – pinks, purples, yellows, or reds, for example – to avoid making it too dark and dreary.

Spicy Reds

Rich, bold reds can instantly liven up a space in your home. The bright color is on trend right now, even for taking over your living room. Reds are excellent colors for creating a cultural atmosphere. Tie in some golds, yellows, and oranges to create an Asian-inspired space, for example.

If you aren’t yet able to commit to a candy-coated living room, make an accent wall. Choose a wallpaper with a deep red background and some gold-patterned accents as a focal point for your space.

Pure Peaches and Pinks

Peaches and pinks are not just for a baby girl’s room. They can bring a subtle touch of calming color to a bedroom or bathroom without looking too cotton-candyish. Try pairing a pale peach or pink with dramatic gray cabinets in the bathroom for a sophisticated, French-inspired design. Or, paint a bedroom a gray-lavender hue and use peach or pink decor for splashes of subtle color.

Organic Yellows and Greens

As the world strives to become more eco-friendly, people are bringing the organic way of life into their home designs. Biocentric color palettes of earthy tans, greens, and yellows are perfect for the dining room or kitchen. Use a leafy green paint for the walls, and tie in some bright yellows with fresh flowers, dining chairs, or even an accent wall. Keep the earthy theme going throughout the space with rich, wooden cabinets and furniture.

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