Keyless Locks vs Smart Locks The Complete Guide

Keyless Locks vs. Smart Locks – The Complete Guide

In today’s modern world, there is an array of different locks to choose from to secure your home; gone are the days of only using traditional locks. If you are looking for a newer-style, good quality lock instead of a traditional style than you may want to check out keyless locks or smart locks. However, before you decide, you should compare both to see which one will work best for your home. Not all keyless locks and smart locks are designed the same, so it is crucial to investigate the different kinds available.

What are Keyless Locks?

A keyless lock is exactly what its name suggests: no key is required. A keyless lock looks like a number pad, and it needs the homeowner to punch in a code to unlock the door. These kinds of locks are great for homeowners who do not like to carry around keys or who have a large family that they do not want to distribute a handful of keys to. All you have to do is give the code to each family member, and they can let themselves in. This is especially ideal for younger children who may easily misplace keys. Keyless locks can fit both right-hinge and left-hinge doors and are simple to set up. The only upkeep involved with keyless locks is that they require batteries.

What are Smart Locks?

Smart locks are designed to cater to tech-savvy homeowners who love the convenience of not having to use a key to open their front door. Typically, smart locks are connected to smart devices, such as a cell phone app. Smart locks are designed to be opened by using a smartphone, which makes them very secure. These locks are popular because you can essentially control your home from your phone; how much more convenient can you get? Check out Welock for vast selections.

What are the Pros and Cons of Each Lock?

When it comes to safety, both of these locks deliver. That being said, there are pros and cons to both keyless locks and smart locks.

The pros of a keyless lock are that they only need a short passcode to gain entry, and lock within seconds of closing. The instantaneous locking of the keyless lock is a great safety measure, especially if you or your children forget to lock it. Moreover, in the case of a power outage, your keyless lock will still work due to it being run on batteries.

The pros to a smart lock are you can control your front door from wherever you are which offers peace of mind to homeowners. For example, if you are on vacation and realize that you forgot to lock your door, you can simply log onto your phone and lock it through an app. Another positive aspect of smart locks is that they do not require a key to be used, making it a handy option if you have guests or a big family and not enough keys to distribute.

The cons to a keyless lock are that the passcode may be hard to protect. There is always the fear of someone looking over your shoulder as you punch the code or a family member accidentally telling someone the code. Another con is that they can be expensive to repair and replace compared to a traditional lock.

The cons of a smart lock are that technology can fail, therefore so can your lock. Additionally, if someone was to steal or hack your phone, they could easily gain access to your home through the app.

What is the Verdict on Safety?

When it comes down to it, safety can be found in both a smart lock and a keyless lock. Deciding on which lock is best for your home comes down to the home owner’s personal preference. If you are a tech-savvy person, then a smart lock may be best for you as you can control it with your phone. However, if you are a fan of convenience, then the keyless lock may be for you. The keyless lock and the smart lock both guarantee one thing though: you will never lose a key or have to call a locksmith again. If you are able, give the keyless and smart lock a try to determine which you like better.

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