Latest Technology Security Locks Replace Traditional Devices

Latest Technology Security Locks Replace Traditional Devices

Technology is constantly developing nowadays, being one of the reasons why security gadgets have gone through so many updates in the recent period. Although thieves have developed the ability to identify weak security systems, unlocked doors have still remained their favorites. That’s why your home needs to be protected 24/7. High-tech locks have gained a lot of popularity, since homeowners are willing to do everything to make sure that their precious assets are safe. Let’s take a look at several high-tech locks available on the market that will improve the safety of your home.

Biometric Fingerprint Locks

These locks use the latest biometric technology and they are considered to be the safest on the market. Their great advantage is that they function without a key, which is a very unattractive feature for burglars who might want to break into your property. Besides, you no longer have to worry for the safety of your property when you lose your keys. Biometric fingerprint locks will certainly influence the future of locks.

Motion Sensor Devices

These locks are available in different shapes, dimensions and prices. Motion sensor lighting placed outside your home is essential, since it can catch burglars in the middle of the breaking-in process. Besides, there are several sensors that can scare them away by activating the interior lights or by producing dog barking noises. Thieves will definitely make up their minds and look for another property to break into.

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV cameras have been around for a while, but their features have been highly improved. There are countless surveillance systems available on the market, and their complexity can be chosen depending on your necessities. Most systems make use of certain mechanisms in order to function. CCTV cameras start recording only when the mechanism has been activated (motion sensors, for example), and you are given the possibility to access the video from whatever location. Your CCTV camera recording is only at a click/tap distance away.

Door Stop Wedge Alarm

Door stop wedge alarms are very affordable (their prices never exceed $10), and very efficient. All you have to do is place the wedge on the floor in the vicinity of the door, and the person who wants to enter the room will be forced to give up. Plus, these devices are also provided with alarms, which are activated as soon as someone tries to enter the room. These gadgets are very effective, and their affordable prices turn them into a must-have.

Homeowners who really want to invest in the safety of their homes are advised to try the “Yale Keyless Digital Lock”. Yale doesn’t use keys, since they’re out-of-style. Instead, the lock of this device is pin-powered, utilizing a modern touchscreen keypad for granting access into your residence. In case you forget the pin cod, you can text your housemates and ask them to send it to you. Besides, when you feel that the person who accompanies you is watching your keypad, you can introduce a false code. The Yale Keyless Digital Lock uses AAA batteries and can be installed very easily.

The above mentioned locks are great replacement for traditional devices because they’re more efficient and have an increased performance level. Homeowners should do their best to protect their families and properties, and although door step wedges or CCTV cameras may seem something common, biometric systems are indeed innovative. No one will guarantee for the safety of your home if you do not invest in high-tech locks. Once you turn to these technological wonders, your assets will no longer run the risk of being stolen.

The security industry of today is advancing along with society. Several companies have started developing home security systems that can be controlled via Smartphone, while RF locks will soon become viral. These security locks are provided with a key fob which is responsible for transmitting a certain radio signal corresponding to your home locks. This signal guarantees that when you get home, you are granted access only by pressing a button. This gadget is very efficient and will definitely become a good method of replacing keys. Many homeowners complain that keys are not very practical, so they will be thrilled to find out that they can open their doors via a Smartphone.

There is no doubt that high-tech locks are essential for every homeowner. Burglars are good in discovering the flaws of your security system, and thus, you constantly need to update yourself about the latest safety trends.

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