Moving 101 - Tips to Ensure a Smooth Moving Experience

Moving 101 – Tips to Ensure a Smooth Moving Experience

Moving is an extensive job. Whether it is your first time or you have some experience, the workload is the same. If you do not have steps to follow, the chances are that you might land on the wrong trail. All your careful planning, financial investments, and time boil down to the last day. The occurrences will determine if all your pans will bear fruits or not. You probably will be anxious, but it is justified. However, don’t let the mixed emotions rain on your parade. You probably had started preparing for the move a few months ago. Have some confidence and hang on to the little hope you have left. The following are some tips you can use as guidance.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Be an early bird on the last day. Most people would relax since they assume the work is over. Although you may already have everything in place, the last day is quite critical. The little work left might be challenging if you do not use the appropriate approach. The only way to ensure you make the right last moves is by waking up early. There’s so much that you have to do before the movers arrive. Go through long distance moving tips online to get a brief idea on planning you move. If you slept late the previous day, you might wake up still tired. Sufficient rest will keep you going for the rest of the day. Therefore, ensure you go to bed a few hours earlier than your usual schedule. Make some coffee to get some energy and rejuvenation. It might be the only time you get a chance to eat. Go heavy if possible. If you have family members equally, wake them up early and start them off with a heavy breakfast. Once everyone is showered and has a full stomach, you can get down to work.


Packing is a crucial aspect of any move. The way you go about it will determine the amount of effort you invest in unpacking. Also, it can either make the movers have a smooth or rough time. Come up with a list of all your belongings. Regroup them into categories of similar items. Get storage boxes and highlight everything that will go in each of them. Do this task weeks before the activity begins. Also, declutter as much as possible as moving companies charge on the items’ weight or space. You can give other things out or hold a garage sale. However, the moving day is the one carrying substantial weight. Since you will still be staying in the house, some packing will be incomplete on the big day. On that day pack, the blankets, bed sheets, dirty clothes, and shoes you were using should go in the correct boxes. The utensils that you had used for breakfast also have to go.

Clean, dry and pack them accordingly. Once everything is in the right package, start sealing and labeling. Do it one by one to ensure the job is accurate. If you are doing this on your own, there is no room for second-guessing. However, if you had hired professional packers, make sure everything is at the right place before they arrive. Seal the boxes tightly to prevent any breakages. Indicate the items in the box and the room it has to go to upon arrival. Any carton that contains fragile items like glass should have bold warnings. The packers will get a direction on how to carry and store them. The items might arrive a few days later after you and your family have already arrived. Pick a few boxes and keep the things you would need. Personally, carry them to avoid any inconveniences.

Take Lots of Photos for Evidence

There are so many unexpected things that may occur during moving. It could be with you or with the professional movers. Some of your belongings might disappear along the way. In the worst-case scenario, there could be breakages of expensive and sentimental items. How do you claim for these items? The best way is to have proof of their previous state. Therefore, take lots of pictures, during and after the move. While packing, take photos of the items just before sealing each box. Highlight every single thing that goes in each. Items that require reassembling might give you challenge when assembling, take videos. It will make the settling in process much shorter. Also, capture the meter readings and the condition of the house before you leave. You do not want a situation where the landlord holds you accountable for unknown breakages.

Moving can be a simple and straightforward job if you employ the above strategies. While you might put so much effort into preliminaries, the last day can be full of disappointments. An early schedule gives you time to counter check every aspect. You can call the movers to verify if they are still on the same page as you. Otherwise, failing to plan is planning to fail. Handle every aspect with utmost importance. Nothing is insignificant. Through proper coordination and communication, the entire process becomes a walk in the park.

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