Fun Ways to Add Art to Your Home

Fun Ways to Add Art to Your Home

Have you been meaning to add some art to your home? Or maybe you’ve just moved and need some help figuring out how to decorate. Either way, we’re here to help! In this post, we’ll go over some simple ways to add art to your home. So grab a notebook, and let’s get started!

Framing White Space

Framing white space is a great way to add art, especially if you have plain walls in your home. It doesn’t matter if you already have art on the wall or not; framing white space is a great way to add color and style.

You can frame white space by adding a piece of furniture with a lot of open space or even the ceiling! You can also fill those areas with artwork if you want, but just using them for color alone can give your room an artistic look. It’s important to use neutral colors when doing this so that it matches everything else in the room. This will prevent your room from being too overwhelming and chaotic.

Striped Walls

Stripes are a great way to add color and pattern to your home. You can paint stripes in different colors. Or opt for a bolder look by painting them all the same color. Stripes can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal; if you’re feeling adventurous, you could try mixing up the directions on each wall! If your room has high ceilings, like a living room or dining room, then think about adding stripes there as well. It’s an easy way to make an impact without spending much money at all!

Abstract Artwork

If you want to decorate a rental apartment, this could be an easy way to enjoy art without changing too much. Abstract art is a type of art that does not represent any object or scene from the real world. Instead, it creates an emotion in the viewer. The most common abstract forms are geometric and organic shapes. Think about how you feel when you look at a painting of a circle or triangle. Depending on your mood or time of the day, you can view abstract art differently.

Therefore, an abstract piece is an excellent addition to your home because it will give you something new to look at every day and help make your house feel fresh!

Book Pages as Decor

Book pages are great for so many projects. Here are a few ideas for how you can use them to decorate your home:

  • Create a collage. Cut pages into squares, circles, and triangles, and glue them together however you like!
  • Make unique frames that show off your favorite book covers. This idea is perfect if you have pretty books on your shelf or in storage somewhere – you can reuse those covers as art.
  • Turn old books into new ones by creating beautiful wreaths with the pages! The possibilities (and smells) here are endless. Flowers, herbs, pinecones, and other natural materials can all be used to make these decorative items look amazing.
  • Display some treasured children’s books by turning their pages into mobiles that will hang beautifully from above any crib in the house.

Vintage Mirrors

This is a great way to add art to your home and an excellent way to brighten up the space in any room. For starters, you can find vintage mirrors in thrift stores, flea markets, and antique shops.

A mirror is an excellent choice if you have a large space or want to create the illusion of space.

Mirrors also work great as focal points by attracting attention from every angle of the room. They reflect light and help brighten up any room they’re placed in. This could be especially useful if your home has a lot of windows so as not to feel too open or empty inside (a problem that may occur when trying to achieve an open floor plan).

Collage Frames

Collage frames are a great way to add art to your home. These frames can be made from paper, fabric, or recycled materials like magazines and books. You can even use photos or other items in your collage frame! A collage frame makes an excellent centerpiece for a table, desk, or wall.

Wooden Sculpture

Wooden sculpture is an interesting and popular way to decorate any home. It can be made from various materials, including wood, stone, metal, or even plastic. Wood sculptures can be painted or left natural. And you can display them in many different ways:

  • Hang them on the wall as art;
  • Place them on a coffee table or other furniture pieces;
  • Set them out on a shelf for display;
  • And even use them as decorations for children’s playrooms (if they’re sturdy enough).

Wooden sculptures add color and texture to your home decor while also serving as conversation starters. If you plan to move them from one home to another, you should make sure to secure precious pieces of art. Fine art, as well as items made out of wood, are sensitive to temperature changes, so you should pack and store them the right way during the relocation.

You can add the artwork to your home in many ways

There are many ways to add art to your home. You can use existing art, create your own, or bring in an artist to create something specifically for you. If you’re not artistic but want to add some visual flair, many options don’t require an artistic degree.

There are also plenty of inexpensive ways to decorate with artwork! Use your imagination and creativity to express yourself through art and make your home feel a little more like home!


There are many ways to add art to your home, no matter what style you’re going for. Whether abstract artwork or something more traditional, it’s always fun to try new things and experiment with different styles. This post just scratches the surface of how diverse artwork can be. Hopefully, we’ve given you some new ideas on how to add art to your life without breaking the bank or losing sleep over it!

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