Great Interior Design Tips for Living Room Area Rugs

Great Interior Design Tips for Living Room Area Rugs

Have you ever thought of adding a little ‘je ne sais quoi‘ to your living room? It is time to consider the way in which you can use rugs as part of your interior design scheme, as you will be giving yourself the assurance that you are using texture, color, pattern and space in a way that is more thoughtful. However, picking the best colors and the right pattern are not the only considerations: these include size, material and even price.

Below are some great interior design tips for living room area rugs that will help to spruce up your living room:

What’s your priority?

Here the key is how you plan to use your space. Some people have different plans on how to use their living room. How often do you spend there? How do you use the room? Maybe you want to entertain people regularly, or your main concern may be to have a stylish and cool sitting room. Your lifestyle is actually what defines the kind of rug to consider. Some will prioritize a glamorous piece while others will consider comfort as their top priority. Let your lifestyle defines this.

The choice of a texture

Picking a rug is not an easy thing! You will need to consider the texture that will fit your comfort, and that will match the space, in an aesthetic and a practical sense. For example, some will allow pets in their living room, whilst others make you take your shoes off before you enter. That’s why it’s important to make the right decision. For a living room that’s full of life and activities, you may r want to consider an all wool, sisal or even a cotton flat weave since they will last longer with heavier use. Silk rugs or antique rugs will serve well for less frequently used rooms. Be wise while choosing what to design your living room with. Rugs do vary so make the best choice of texture.

Consider the rug’s size

This consideration can sometimes be overlooked! Getting the right size of rug is vitally important. It should be noted that space is the issue here, as oversize rugs might take up all of the space in a room.  A good rule of thumb is to choose the perfect size of rug that will fit the seating area rather than the whole room. Our advice is to consider the front legs of your sofa as the initiating point. Don’t end up compromising your living room space with a small sized or even an oversized rug.

Color and pattern considerations

The color and also the pattern of your rug are also very important. A good pattern for example can hide a multitude of sins if your rug developed a tear! You will not be able to see it as much. And of course the patterns and the color are primary aesthetic considerations when choosing a rug to match with your decor and design scheme.

A well chosen rug can be the icing on the cake in your living room’s design scheme. The above tips will help you deal with the  hassles of coming up with the best design for your living room!

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