Is It Time To Get A Memory Foam Gel Mattress

Is it Time to Get a Memory Foam Gel Mattress?

If you are shopping for a new mattress, there may be salesmen calling your attention to a so-called “memory foam mattresses.” Also known as conforming mattresses, they adjust their form to every inch of the sleeper’s body.

How does this happen? The foam softens in response to body heat, allowing it to mold quickly. They recover to their original shape at once upon pressure removal. Aside from its flexibility, memory foam mattresses also provide full-body support.

However, earlier models retain heat, causing discomfort. The more recent models are gel-infused, which have a better cooling effect.

If having a memory foam gel mattress is interesting to you, read more about its benefits.

Relieves Pain

Memory foam mattresses keep your spine in its most natural position.

Compared to standard mattresses, they are better at relieving pain and pressure, according to Kathy R. Gromer, a sleep specialist with the Minnesota Sleep Institute.

This feature is especially beneficial for immobile patients who need to lie down for lengthy periods. Pressure can impair blood flow, causing bedsores and gangrene.

Doctors recommend memory foam gel mattresses for people with fibromyalgia and those suffering from lower back pain.

Reduces Disturbance

With memory foam mattresses, partners are not bothered if the other is tossing and turning in their sleep. Memory foams minimize motion transfer, as proven by tests wherein a glass remains unmoved while a ball bounces beside it.

Cools Down

Choose memory foam gel mattresses if you want to stay cool longer. There are still standard memory foam mattresses, but while these are cheaper, they cause discomfort because they retain heat.

You may also want mattresses with add-on features like aloe vera, green tea extract, and activated charcoal to reduce odors and provide aromatherapy. Essential oils are known to reduce stress and induce sleep.


Based on reviews, memory foam mattresses will last for an average of ten years. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment in your health.

Memory foam mattresses have a density of between 4 to 5 pounds per cubic feet, making them last longer.

Springs Back Quickly

Gel-infused mattresses spring back to their usual shape upon removal of pressure. Therefore, if you move around a lot in your sleep, the bed will follow your movements.

With standard foam mattresses, however, people complain of being “stuck” when there is a lag before the mattress conforms to your new position.

Resists Allergens

The viscoelastic foam makes these mattresses more resistant to bacteria and microorganisms. People who suffer from allergic reactions to chemicals and dust mites will benefit from using memory foam gel mattresses.

Moreover, they are easier to clean due to their resistance to mildew and molds.

Safe to Use

Choose memory foam mattresses that are compliant with CertiPUR-US. Being certified means that the foams have passed testing for toxic chemicals, ozone depleters, low emissions, and flame retardants.

Supports Sleeping Position

If you usually sleep on your side, memory foam mattresses are your best choice. They will adjust to your body as you move from side to side.

Lightweight individuals usually prefer memory foam mattresses also for their comfort.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

Flipping mattresses every three months need physical strength, especially for heavy models.

Memory foam gel mattresses, however, should not be flipped. Instead, they need 180-degree rotations, from head to foot. Doing this will prolong its lifespan.

Always use mattress covers that are removable with zippers for frequent washing. You can vacuum with its soft brush attachment to clear dust and hair.


Mattress selection is a personal decision. Hopefully, these advantages of the memory foam gel mattresses will convince you to purchase one for your home.

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