These Tips Will Definitely Give Your House That Luxe Look

These Tips Will Definitely Give Your House That Luxe Look!

Glass windows, clean lines, minimalist design, expensive artworks-these are things you usually see in high-end homes. Even though they seem like simple elements, there’s something about them that instantly makes a space look opulent.

For some, these upgrades or additions to the home can seem expensive. The good news is you don’t really need to burn a hole in your pocket to achieve that impressive and luxe look. If you look around and get resourceful and creative, you can integrate elements that can elevate the overall look of your home without going over your budget.

In this article, we’ve enumerated a few simple tips on how to get that elegant and rich look for your home:

Layer textures to create depth

You can find textures everywhere at home-on the walls, the floor, the countertop, the couch, and more. This gives you a lot of room to layer textures.

You can try using different surface finishing techniques and tools on the walls during the construction or redesign process. A cheaper and easier option would be installing tiles on the walls. There are even temporary and removable adhesive wall tiles you can try before committing to a complete overhaul. You can check a wide range of tile options at your local hardware stores.

Probably the easiest to experiment on when it comes to texture is fabrics. You have the couch, the bed, and even the carpet to work with. Mixing in a few velvet throw pillows on the sofa can already bring some pizzazz to the living room.

Maximize natural light

Luxurious houses usually have floor-to-ceiling windows that show off their beautifully landscaped gardens. Aside from the view, these windows welcome natural light into the space. Natural light can make a room look more spacious than it actually is.

If you don’t have access to huge windows, you can create the illusion by using curtains. You can position the curtain rod close to the ceiling and add long curtains to the room, preferably those that touch the floor. Sheer curtains will also add gentleness to the natural light coming in the window, making the room feel cozy and light without doing big changes and spending much.

Showcase art

Having some art at home adds color, creativity, and life into a room. Interesting pieces can also be conversation starters when you throw parties. Rare finds and pieces from renowned artists are investments. With the many positive ways it can bring to your space, you can never go wrong with art.

Remember that you don’t need to shell out thousands to display art at your home. Perhaps you can commission a friend to paint something for you. You can also support the local art scene and opt for local art pieces instead of foreign works. You’ll be surprised by how much talent you’ll find when you visit a local art exhibit. If you want something unique and personal, you can create your own artwork.

Display a statement piece

Other than artwork, placing a statement piece in your home can be its focal point. It could be a jaw-dropping chandelier in the middle of your home or a unique floor or table lamp. Putting a sculpture at the corner would draw some attention, too. If you want something functional yet still make an impression, an eccentric coffee table can surely complete the room.

Consider visiting thrift shops for statement pieces. Sometimes, you’ll find unique items at these shops for reasonable prices. After finding the perfect piece, you can either use the object as it is or give it a little retouch.

Embrace straight, clean lines

Some homes look elegant even when they’re empty. Sometimes, people don’t know what it is that makes it feel so luxurious. It just is, and it’s possibly because of precise lines.

Homes become significantly more luxurious when the space is built with utmost quality, such as the house’s lines, edges, and corners. Incredibly straight lines make the house look clean and rich because it shows its well-built.

Straight lines make a room look and feel elegant. It also draws attention to an element, such as a window at the end of the hall or a statement piece.


In the world of modern architecture, even if your house doesn’t have the usual neutral tones, reductive design elements, or free space, decluttering will always make your home look luxe.

You don’t have to throw away all your stuff. You can still keep some things except those that don’t really serve a purpose anymore.

From an aesthetic point of view, having too much stuff can make the space look cramped and visually displeasing. So, even if the shelves are neatly arranged, going all out on ornaments makes the room feel cluttered. Evaluate your space and think about the decorations and other things you want to keep and the ones you want to give away or transfer to another room.

Design with cohesion in mind

It’s easy to get carried away and impulsive when shopping for décor and designing your space. It’s not your fault. But take a moment before you check out, review the items in your cart, and carefully think about the whole look of your home. Sticking to a certain style will make your home look more cohesive and neater. Plus, it’s so much more satisfying to have matching stuff all around the house.

Consider making a board of all the inspiration you have for your home or the space you’re decorating. This board will remind you of the outcome you aim to achieve. You can place magazine cutouts or articles from the internet to help you decorate the space. An easier option would be creating a Pinterest board, so everything is just on your phone wherever you go.

Creativity Goes a Long Way

A simple pillowcase adds depth to the room. Purchasing furniture and décor from the thrift store awards you with vintage, unique, and timeless statement pieces. You can have beautiful artwork at your home by contacting your friend or a local artist.

These simple tips allow you to have a luxurious home without spending a fortune. Sometimes, all you need is creativity, a little exploration, and maybe a fun article on the internet.

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