10 Home Designs Using Stone Tile

10 Home Designs Using Stone Tile

The application of stone tiles is endless as these rock materials can be used practically from anywhere at home. With regard to flooring purposes, expect a granite stone tile to bring out the remarkable beauty of your home spaces.

Home applications of stone tiles

Slightly similar to marble, granite is a quartz-based solid material that is available in different colors and patterns like salt, veined, and pepper appearances. A granite stone tile is made durable and solid, making it fully resistant to water seepage and stain build-up. Though this stone material is strongly resistant to heat, granite tiles should be installed properly in moist-free spaces. Also, some granite stone is designed resistant to extreme temperature changes when installed outdoors.

Granite tiles are excellent alternative material options other than ceramic tiles and marble slabs. On Direct Flooring Online you can find various granite tiles flooring options. Consider using this stunning flooring material in the following spaces:

1. Living room

Granite stone tiles, particularly “grade level 4,” are suitable for the living room as this area is less exposed to extreme temperatures. You can expect your stone tiles to last since a living room isn’t used as the main dining space where beverage and food spilling happens frequently. Regardless if you prefer salt or veined patterns, granite tiles blend perfectly with coffee tables, couches, and single-colored sofas. The best thing is, to see how amazing your living room will appear with patterns of nature.

2. Bathroom floors

If you want to keep your bathroom in good shape, installing granite tiles with “grade level 5” seems to be a perfect choice. Since bathroom floors are often exposed to heat and moisture, granite tiles are able to withstand the harsh effects of temperature change. When you use granite, it can carry a high occupancy load, so you don’t need to worry about tile cracks in the future. Aside from that, granite tiles can endure the long-term effects of cleaning agents which often cause damage and stains on the top surface.

3. Kitchen floor

Though this home space isn’t always occupied, a kitchen may be exposed to oil and water spillage when cooking or preparing meals. Granite tiles are great materials for countertops and flooring as they can withstand excessive smoke, heat, and moisture. They are resistant to accidental blade hits, cleaning solutions, and cracks. Moreover, these rock materials look great with any design theme whether you prefer country-style, oriental or modern accent kitchen interiors.

4. Building walls

When you install them on the walls, granite tiles may provide the same advantages similar to floors and countertops. However, they are just suitable for aesthetic purposes, particularly if you want your home interior to look standout. At home, granite tiles will only look great on bathroom walls as they are best considered for hospitals, murals, hotel lobbies, and museums. But you can select this material as a wall divider, border tile, or any purpose that may produce two distinctive wall finishes.

5. Fireplace

If you think that a fireplace can only look good with slate, marble, or bricks, consider granite tiles as another viable option. Granite tiles are resistant to heat, smoke, and ash stains, which are normally seen on fireplaces. Use the “grade level 5” or “E” since this type of granite is intended for excessive heat and moisture, particularly during the cold season. Also, granite tiles will look exceptional with your carpet, curtains, draperies, and vintage-style furniture around.

6. Garden edging

Granite tiles aren’t only good for home interiors but also for outdoor spaces near your garden, patio, and porch. They can be applied as landscape edging to separate two individual spaces. You can install granite tiles as transitional material between the patio and garden beds or shrubs. Since outdoor spaces are completely exposed to weather, it is advisable to use high-grade granite stones to counteract the harsh effects of sunlight, heavy rains, and occupant load.

7. Shower floor

A shower floor is definitely exposed to high-temperature changes when you use hot and cold water. Granite tiles are great flooring materials to withstand high levels of moisture and dust particles. Also, granite tiles can tolerate the effects of chemicals from various cleaning agents and personal care products such as shampoos, conditioners, and shower gels without leaving permanent stains. And the awesome thing is, that you can choose your desired tile patterns and colors from a variety of designs that will transform your bathroom space beautifully.

8. Outdoor or walkways

Granite tiles aren’t only used as landscape edging but are also applied as flooring materials for walkways and outdoor spaces. Low-grade granite such as “level 1” or “2” is not advisable since it can be damaged easily after a short period of time. Aside from walkways, granite tiles look fantastic as wall borders or floor borders that separate two individual spaces around the house. When choosing tile designs, color contrast between furniture and floors should be taken into consideration to make your exterior spaces appear “cozy.”

9. Vanity top

Your vanity top will certainly look elegant when you install granite tiles. These beautiful stone countertops can withstand different oils and chemicals like facial creams and perfumes, so there’s no need to worry about discoloration and stains. On top of this, granite enhances the beauty of walk-in closets or dressing rooms where a vanity top is usually found. These enclosed spaces are seldom exposed to heat so you can use moderate-grade granite materials without worrying about stain build-up and tile cracks.

10. Porch and lanai

Outdoor spaces are essential to home spaces where you can relax and entertain family guests. Granite tiles blend well with patio furniture and landscape edgings close to your garden space. These stone finishes are absolutely resistant to weather damages, surface cracks, and stains even though most outdoor spaces are exposed to extreme weather conditions and heavy usage. For sure, any family gathering will definitely become memorable when you install granite tiles on porches, lanais, and patios.

While it’s not considered as the cheapest option, a granite stone tile can make any typical space look impressive and elegant. So, if you love stones, you’ll surely appreciate the beauty of granite floors and countertops surrounding your home interiors.

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