7 Ways You can Use Subway Tiles for Your Home Decor

7 Ways You can Use Subway Tiles for Your Home Decor

Just because subways tiles were named after subways doesn’t mean they won’t look appealing in your homes. In fact, they will be a great addition to your home, especially for the new year. A real estate developer once said that subway tiles have never gone out of style and are a timeless aesthetic.

For the coming new year, give your homes a makeover by incorporating subway tiles in your home decor. This type of tile is perfect for your bathroom, kitchen walls, and just about anything. Better yet, they’re versatile, inexpensive and durable.

Ways to Use Subway Tiles in your Homes

Fixer Upper, a TV series about home design, regularly endorse subway tiles in most or almost all of their episodes. Why? It’s trendy and can improve your home’s look. Here are seven ways that you can use subway tiles in your home decors:

1. Use Mini Subway Tiles for Smaller Kitchens, Bars and Bathrooms

You can get them in various styles and colors. If you have fireplaces, these small tiles will look absolutely lovely. Mini subway tiles are also easier to install as you will be buying them in sheets, not in single tiles. That means they are already mounted together and ready to be installed.

2. Combine High-End Subway Tiles with Economical Styles

Instead of buying just high-end tiles for your shower stall, consider combining the economical tiles with the high-end ones. You can save money when you use high-end tiles sparingly. Mix them up to also add a colorful accent to your stall. Buy more economical styles and a few pricey tiles in different colors.

3. Clean Kitchen

Your kitchen will look better with subway tiles. They are also easier to clean. Instead of just having tiles in your countertop, consider having them all the way up to the ceiling. You can save time and money with the subway tiles.

4. Create Different Patterns

You don’t have to place tiles just horizontally or vertically. Create a modern-like home by interchanging them. Install them both vertically and horizontally. They will look unique and better-looking. Try to also add a bigger mirror in the center or a plant on the side to make it more appealing.

5. Use Gray Tiles and a Vintage Shower Head

Vintage and modern are great combinations. Buy a vintage shower head and install gray subway tiles from the floor all the way to the ceiling. This will bring out the neutral tone in the tile and gives you a stylish and trendy shower.

6. Black and White Bathroom Tile

Black and white will go well together especially when it comes to bathroom tiles. They will create a minimalist yet stylish and classical bathroom look. Buy black tiles for the bathroom floor an white tiles for the bathroom walls.

7. Use Green Subway Tiles for the Bathroom

How about a nature-like feel on your bathroom? It’s a daring yet really cool design. With the green subway tiles, your bathroom will look and feel natural. Just make sure you have really good lighting on the bathroom.

On Wallpapers and Subway Tiles

Because it’s versatile, these type of tiles always goes well with wallpapers. Choose a classic white tile combined with a black and white wallpaper with any design. Your home will even look more trendy and stylish.

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