How Door Handles Complement The Overall Look Of The Door

How Door Handles Complement the Overall Look of the Door

A door is a vital point in your home, and the use of appropriate hardware, including locks, fittings, and door handles, is equally essential to ensure security and aesthetic appearance. When you are planning to renovate your home and think of door handles, you might be taken aback with the wide variety available nowadays. Below are a few types of door handles you can choose from. The only challenge in finding the perfect one will be deciding which one suits your home décor.

Lever Handles

These are also called door levers and are the most popular type of door handle in both residential homes and commercial buildings. Lever handles consist of two categories; the lever handles on rose (round) and backplate.

The lever handles on a backplate are those that sit on a backplate. These are typically used traditionally. On the other hand, the lever handles on rose are those that sit on a round rose. People usually use them for contemporary designs.

When it comes to finishes for a door handle, there is a range of metal available like hand-forged iron, nickel, stainless steel, chrome, bronze, and brass.

Pull Handles

These door handles are suitable for passage doors or those that you can only open by pushing or pulling. Aside from being used in single or double doors, people use them for pocket doors and sliding doors. These kinds of doors work from side to side, and not inwards or outwards. If some rooms in your house have limited space, pull handles are an excellent option. They come in two types; ring pull handles and flush pull handles.

Ring pull handles function by pulling the ring, which causes the door to open as well. Flush pull handles slide past one another with ease as they are recessed into doors that slide. Both styles of pull handles provide a firm and comfortable grip on sliding doors.

Door Knobs

These handles are typically round that rotate to open a door either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Many people use them for internal doors, but there are centre doorknobs that are placed on entrance doors that are closed from outside. Centre door knobs are functional and decorative pieces.

Door knobs come with lots of styles, designs, and finishes, which are perfect for period homes and contemporary houses.

If you are refurbishing your home, but think that the old door handles should stay, you can replete them with a finisher such as brass. It will give new life to the worn-out hardware. In terms of cleaning the door hardware, you can find commercial polishes and cleaners available out there to pretty up the old hardware.

There are many options for door handles, regardless of the design or theme of your home décor. However, both for interior and exterior hardware, door handles always take a beating due to the frequent usage. This is why it is essential to choose high-quality materials and handles with an excellent finish to ensure the long lifespan of the door hardware. Needless to say, if you choose premium-quality hardware, you can be sure that their appearance can last for years.


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