The Beginners Guide to Decorating Living Rooms

The Beginner’s Guide to Decorating Living Rooms

The living room isn’t just another room in the house, it’s the place where the whole family gathers, where we meet guests, where we place the Christmas tree, and where you spend hours and hours laughing. For that matter, and many others it’s vital to make it suit your preferences and look gorgeously decorated. If you haven’t put much thought into home décor up to now, there’s no need to worry, because this guide will get you fully covered. From top to the bottom, here are a few tips on how to get started with your home décor revitalization.

Choose the right hues

Choosing the best hues for the walls and furniture can either make or break your living room décor. You should strive to paint the walls in light colors especially if you don’t have much natural light coming in through windows. Off-white, cream or beige are perfect if you don’t prefer plain white. As color plays a vital role in re-energizing and setting the mood, make a contrast with furniture by opting for soft shades of blue or earthy colors. Keep the tones in balance by placing wooden decorative pieces, and voila.

Spruce up the walls

The next step is reviving the walls. Once you’ve chosen the right wall color, complete the designer look by placing unique art. Don’t neglect hand-crafted nature-inspired delights like an antique raw skull which you can browse here. A living room will be utterly revived by placing art that creates an enchanting vibe. Some contemporary pieces of art are inexpensive but effectively fill up the room. Whether you choose a single item or decide to fill every inch of the wall, in both cases it would look stunning rather than having empty walls.

Don’t leave the floors empty-handed

Just like with the walls, bare floors look cold and tedious. The idea is to get an area rug that will adequately complete the entire living room’s outlook, which might be a challenge, or not. First of all, start with choosing the right size. Make sure that the rug or carpet is neither too small nor large, but in any case, it’s better to be larger than the other way round. Secondly, place close attention that the area rug or carpet is about 10 inches away from the furniture or wall. When it comes to colors and patterns – be vivacious.

Furniture as the focal point

Very often homeowners tend to place televisions as a focal point in the living room, however, those aiming to have elegantly decorated living ambient should give it a second thought. A fireplace is the ideal focal point, but if you don’t have one make some other piece of furniture the symbolic center of the room. A chic sofa or a sleek mirror might be stunning focal points. As long as you turn the furniture towards the window, you will open-up the ambient and create a ravishing atmosphere.

Set the right lighting

The right lighting can maximally transform the overall outlook of the living room. It’s crucial to set the right ambient, task, and accent lighting. To achieve this you should have lighting coming from various sources. For instance, if you have a smaller window, opt for white or transparent curtains and avoid draperies. Natural lighting is a must. Next, to set a welcoming and calming mood position the lighting features triangularly. You can achieve this with floor and table lamps.

No matter the size of the living room, with immaculately arranged furniture, beautifully dressed windows, and top-notch accents you can decorate it lavishly. No one gets it all right on the first try, so feel free to experiment and change the outlook of the living room from time to time.

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